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  • Funding Our Schools: Quite simply, Allentown and Parkland were both devastated by the Corbett cuts of 2010, and almost no Representative has had as much success as I have at restoring funding. Working with Senator Browne, Representative Schweyer and the Governor's administration, Allentown and Parkland have seen a massive infusion of state funding during my time in office. Since 2013, Allentown School District has received an additional $53 million (53% increase) in funding, while Parkland has received over $8.5 million (50% increase). That money has allowed for a restoration in art, music and gym in Allentown, as well as an expansion of full-day kindergarten in both Allentown and Parkland.

  • Charter Reform: In 2016, I proposed a bill that would require that charter schools stop publicly advertising their institutions as having “free tuition.” It’s not free; it’s our tax dollars. This legislation passed the House of Representatives and been incorporated into other charter revision schools.

  • Improving our school buildings: Our higher education institutions are the bedrock of the Lehigh Valley community and set the stage for our future success. That’s why I was proud to work with Senator Browne and Representative Schweyer to acquire $1 million for Building 21 in Allentown, and another $3 million in state funding to help Cedar Crest College rebuild their athletic fields.

  • Protecting Student Safety: Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many accidents – some fatal – involving cars who fail to stop with a school bus. Working with Senator Browne and activist Amber Clark, I helped write a law which would allow for cameras to automatically record unsafe drivers, helping make sure that our kids could get to and from school safely.

Mental Health

  • Fighting mental health stigma: In August 2014, I wrote about my fifteen year struggle with depression and anxiety. I did so because I was tired of hearing about the stigma that surrounds people with mental health challenges. I have spoken regularly about the issue, including on the House floor. I will continue to speak on this, because one out of every five Americans actively suffer from some sort of mental health challenge. The more people like me can speak, the more we can, hopefully, encourage others to seek treatment.

  • Suicide Prevention Task Force: As a result of my leadership on this issue, Governor Wolf appointed me as the cochair of his Suicide Prevention Task Force. We travelled the state, listening to stories of survivors in order to learn what the state needs to do to prevent these tragedies in the future. We will shortly publicize a comprehensive suicide prevention plan which will be geared towards reducing the record high number of suicides we’re facing in this state.

  • Protecting First Responders: I have proudly passed legislation which would create training programs, funding and additional assistance for first responders to help them manage the serious trauma they see on the job. Unfortunately, these brave women and men are more likely to suffer from mental illness and die by suicide. We must give them the help they need.

  • Anti-Suicide Legislation: We lose nearly 2,000 people to suicide in Pennsylvania every year. One is too many; 2,000 is unconscionable. That’s why I’ve passed and am working on a variety of anti-suicide pieces of legislation, including:
    • Requiring all colleges have an anti-suicide and mental health outreach plan in place.

    • Mandate that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation consider adding fences to any bridge or road that is a suicide “hotspot.”

    • Creating a mentorship program for emergency responders who are at risk for suicide.

  • Co-Founding the Mental Health Caucus: As a result of my column, I cofounded the Mental Health Caucus. This Caucus seeks to advocate for mental health issues, including funding and anti-stigma efforts.

  • Helping mothers and children with depression: As part of these efforts, I have cosponsored that would make it easier for mothers whose children were in the Commonwealth’s Early Intervention program to get treatment. That bill is currently up for consideration in front of the House of Representatives.

  • Mental Health Education: Working with Representative Dan Miller (D-Allegheny), I’ve proposed legislation that would require mental health be studied in school, alongside physical health. This way, students are educated about mental illnesses and better able to cope with them in the future.

Bringing Home Dollars and Jobs

One of the most important parts of my job is to bring home dollars, projects and job opportunities for local efforts. This is why I proudly voted for transportation improvements and local budgets; even if they weren’t perfect, they employed people and made a difference in the quality of life of the Lehigh Valley.

I’ve proudly worked with Democrats and Republicans to get things done in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. Projects I’ve worked on include:

  • $1.35 million to the Allentown School District for 21st Century Learning Programs.

  • $750,000 to various Allentown community projects.

  • $500,000 in finding to the Lehigh Valley Regional Intelligence and Investigation Center.

  • $500,000 Multimodal Transportation grant for lighting for American Parkway.

  • $350,000 for improvements to Jordan Park Skate Park.

  • $500,000 in funding for improvements to the Allentown Metal Works.

  • $266,673 for railroad improvements at RJ Corman’s Allentown yard.

  • School Safety Grants for Allentown & Parkland School District


  • As a member of the Transportation Committee, I worked closely with legislative leaders and ultimately supported the recently enacted $2.4 billion transportation package. In the next five years, the 132nd District will see thousands of jobs and $200 million in infrastructure investments. At the same time, Allentown will get an additional $1.5 million in liquid fuels money, thus creating property tax relief for the people of Allentown.

  • The recently enacted transportation package will create 50,000 - 60,000 jobs and retain thousands more. Every dollar invested in this area will generates $4 in economic returns while simultaneously protecting public safety and ensuring that Pennsylvania’s economy is prepared for the 21st century. Locally, the bill will allow for:

    • Widening and resurfacing of Route 22.

    • Repair and replacement of the 8th Street Bridge.

    • Repaving on Tilghman, Hamilton, Chew, Mauch Chunk and Walbert.

    • A downtown traffic study to determine what traffic improvements are needed for the new arena and office buildings.

    • Full replacement of the Gordon Street Bridge over the Jordan.

    • Purchase of hybrid buses by LANTA.

    • Major expansions of urban trails in Allentown.

Expanding health care and making Pennsylvania healthier

  • Fighting for stricter vaccine laws: Pennsylvania has one of the worst vaccination rates in the entire country. I’ve worked with Republicans to eliminate the philosophical exemption for vaccinations, making sure that all kids who are medically able go to school vaccinated. Portions of that change are now being enacted into new regulation proposed by Governor Wolf.

  • Doctor shortage: Pennsylvania, like the rest of the nation, faces a critical doctor shortage over the next few decades. I worked with the Republican Leader, Brian Cutler (R-Lancaster), to enact a resolution that would study the problem. The resulting report is in the process of being enacted. This will make sure that any Pennsylvanian who needs a doctor will be able to see one.

Protecting the most vulnerable

  • Protecting rape victims: Before the Rape Victims Protection Act had passed, rape victims were in a terrible situation. Under previous Pennsylvania law, a rape victim who had a child as a result of the rape could only do one of two things: Sue the rapist for child support, or have the rapist’s child custody rights revoked. She could not do both. This was an unacceptable loophole, and legislation which I wrote closed it. My portion of this law allowed a woman to seek child support while terminating parental rights. I am proud to say that the bill was signed into law by Governor Wolf earlier this year. Furthermore, I’ve introduced legislation that would further streamline the adoption process, and a bill that would ensure rape victims are made aware of their rights following an attack.

  • Protecting domestic violence victims: I am the author of House Bill 12, which was signed into law by Governor Wolf in April 2016. That bill does two things:

    • Allow a spouse whose spouse had been convicted of a crime against them to get a divorce in 90 days instead of the standard two years.

    • Remove the ability of a judge to mandate counseling when one party had a Protection from Abuse order against the other.

  • Protecting children in home daycares: Certain types of Pennsylvania daycares had an unacceptable loophole: Other residents of a home daycare did not have to undergo the same type of background checks as people who worked in a daycare, creating a situation whereby criminals could have easy access to children. I proposed a bill last year which would close that loophole, and I am pleased to say that the Governor’s office took that bill and turned it into a regulation, ensuring that children will be protected regardless of where they go to daycare.

  • Securing children in cars: Working with Senator Browne, I wrote a law which requires children who are two and under to be in a rear-facing childseat; previously, no such requirements existed. Multiple studies show that riding this way makes kids safer, and I'm proud to say, once again, that Governor Wolf signed this bill into law earlier this year.


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